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What Can Bellarmine Mock Trial Do for Me?

Because mock trial hones skills that you will use throughout your college career and professional life, the benefits from mock trial are virtually countless.  Aside from making lifelong friends, our students develop vital critical thinking and extemporaneous speaking skills that just can’t be learned in the classroom.

As a stepping stone to higher careers, Mock Trial is second to none on the Bellarmine campus.  Bellarmine Mock Trial graduates have been accepted to law school at rates that far exceed the national average.  Many alums have gone to law school on scholarships, including mock trial scholarships that many law schools make available.  Whether you want to stay in state or head to the Ivy Leagues, our alumni have been there, done that, and provide a contact network for members of the team.

What if I Don't Want to Be A Lawyer?

Many of our members (including those on Championship teams) never went to law school, and what's more: they never wanted to.  But what our graduates do have in common is success.  Bellarmine Mock Trial alums include the C.E.O. of Churchill Downs, nationally-acclaimed professors in English, FBI Agents, Army journalists, owners of nationally-acclaimed restaurants, .... the list goes on.