What is Bellarmine Mock Trial?
Bellarmine Mock Trial, a program of Bellarmine University, is one of the oldest and most honored mock trial programs in the country, with members who have come from coast to coast and beyond. The program travels throughout the country during competition, affording members access to celebrated courtrooms and legal figures, and impressing countless lawyers and judges along the way.

What is Mock Trial?

While it would appear that mock trial might be easily defined, it is much more than a trial simulation. Collegiate mock trial teams (of which Bellarmine typically fields two) are comprised of 6 to 10 undergraduate students. Members include students from diverse majors, ranging from philosophy to economics, computer science to music performance. They execute a 3 hour trial against a team from an opposing university in a standard American courtroom. The trials themselves are showcases of academic and performance excellence adjudicated by practicing attorneys and judges.  Teams consists of attorneys and witnesses. Bellarmine attorneys execute opening statements, witness examinations, and closing arguments through mastery of legal principles and persuasive communication. Bellarmine witnesses are likewise trained in law and forensics, putting forth testimonial evidence to produce an organic storyline in each trial, as much a dramatic ensemble and storyteller as a precision competitive unit.

What are the benefits to the members?

Bellarmine Mock Trial provides much more than a competitive performance opportunity for undergraduate students. Through the mock trial experience, members learn useful life skills, leadership skills, goal setting, and conflict resolution skills amongst others. Members are also connected to a rich network of attorneys and other professionals who serve as employers, references, mentors, and friends. The Bellarmine curriculum includes opportunities for members to exercise their potential not only as competitors and rising professionals, but as complete human beings.